miercuri, septembrie 17, 2008

CFR CLuj - As ROMA 2 - 1

CFR Cluj a batut in primul meci jucat in UCL cu As ROMA cu 2 - 1. O echipa debutantă în UCL dar care a pus probleme echipei din Italia. Sunt mândru că sunt Ardelea, Fortaa Fortaa CFR !!!

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John spunea...

Sorry for writing in English.

But well, what can I say about Cluj? Perhaps one of many reason that why football is a beautiful game.

I'm happy many of the Argentine players in the team. That goal from Culio simply marvelous! beautiful! sensational!

Now everyone in the world will know jusu a bit more about them. But most importantly, other will take notice of this and take them seriously. That is for sure.

Anyway, enough from me. What about your opinion/comment about their performance? How far do you think they can go?


Septy spunea...

batem cu 1-0 si pe chelsea, batem iar roma la noi acasa si gata, locu 2 :)

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